bed in hotel. portland, oregon.


meredith bagerski.

meredith bagerski on a long night's walk in bernal heights.
san francisco, ca.


rhiannon and friend being friends.

the famous jay shapiro

more of the lovely jody and tim



jody as a happy bride. costa rica.
tim and jody got married. costa rica.


ashley and a yellow wall. costa rica.
booze and yellow wall. costa rica.
amy wearing a wig. san francisco.
gary on a stroll. san francisco.
a boy on a bike. san francisco.
scuba stefan in costa rica.
cockpit ride from haiti to guadaloupe.
maya in alaska.
megan in our little apartment that rattled every time the train went by. chicago.



this is rhiannon in paris, holding up a sign that is inappropriate for you to read.

this is claire in cape cod.


this is jody nicastroconner.

this is a goat we saw in guadaloupe.
this was a fighter pilot in training in death valley, or maybe just a 12 year old kid flying a plane, i couldn't tell from that far away.
cute little person and holga madness.
happy people in clean switzerland.
this is rhiannon looking pouty and cute in san francisco on a grey day.
dreamy kentucky.


lovely meredith with grapes in sebastopol.


jody pretending to get married about a year before she popped the question and really got married.
melissa after acupuncture.
tomas before.
death valley.
jody in disco attire.
guadaloupe house.
maya in a field by our parent's house.
jay at the mexican prison.